Wilderness Therapy in the UK

The Wilderness Programme is a unique opportunity for anyone proactively seeking to exist in a new and more positive way. Specifically designed to help meet the needs of adult individuals simply needing genuine ‘Time Out’ or struggling with aspects of life. It is also for those coming to terms with, or in recovery of issues such as addictions, professional burn out, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health issues.

Imagine a place where you can simply be, 'just you'...

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Our Approach To


Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Wilderness environments are widely acknowledged as a natural means of promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being

Rejuvenate & Restore

Working with a Coaching Psychologist, personal guides and coaches help to build self esteem and confidence

Physical & Mental Challenge

The programme incorporates outdoor activities to help engage, inspire and pro-actively assist recovery


A Few Words About Us

The Wilderness Programme is facilitated by parent company Wilderness Escapes. 

For many years we have explored and sought out some of the most therapeutic, stunning, wild and remote destinations that the UK has to offer. 

As a company, we specialise in taking people to, and staying comfortably in these types of environments, which provide an idyllic foundation and basis from which to run the wilderness programme.

This is Why

You Should Choose Us

Quality Services

Working in association with landowners and organisations such as the RSPB, we offer truly unique, outdoor based wilderness therapy programmes delivered exclusively from wild, natural and remote destinations in the UK. 

Certified Experts

Our programmes are organised and run by leading experts and highly experienced coaches and guides.

Affordable Pricing

We work with private paying adult individuals as well as individuals and small groups from businesses, organisations and charities.

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Reflection in the Wilderness
Coaching in the Wilderness

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