Expedition Class - 'Safari Style Base Camp'
The Wilderness Programme only ever operates in wild and remote destinations - far away from the everyday distractions of life, so as to (1) create a sense of space and help participants relax, release tension and unwind, and (2) take maximum benefit from the positive effects of being immersed in the natural environment (Read more about Nature's Benefits).

Creating a safe environment for participants is crucial to the outcomes of the programme, so over a period of many years, we have have developed and refined our 'expedition class' operation to provide a unique, luxurious and fully mobile 'Safari Style' base camp set up. This not only provides a safe, warm and dry refuge from the elements whatever the weather, and at anytime of the year but which is ecologically sound and low impact on the environment, whilst providing for all basic human needs to a high degree of comfort.

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We continuously invest in high performance equipment and accessories from leading brands, combined with an array of innovative gadgets we've designed and developed ourselves, to bring a high level of comfort and hospitality to the experience no matter what the weather conditions.

As a matter of course we leave our destinations in the same way that we found them and operate a strict leave no trace policy at all times. The Safari Style Base Camp and The Wilderness Programme is an all inclusive package experience, which includes: Personal accommodation, a shared 'HAB' living space, toilets, hot showers, all meals, snacks and refreshments, all transfers during the programme, Coaching Psychology, coaches, guides and highly experienced staff.

"Staying in a safe space and trusting said space was priceless!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude and the 'just being'. One is surrounded by the natural environment and the peace that that offers. From here I was able to take stock and find my bearings and was able to make some decisions within that safe space". - James

Safari Style Base Camp Montage

Aerial View of RSPB Haweswater Base Camp
The Safari Style Base Camp location at RSPB Haweswater, The Lake District, Cumbria

Food & Subsistence
Our multi-award winning on-site chef has developed a range of delicious and satisfying menu packages making the food element a key feature of the Wilderness Programme experience. Dishes and menus can be adapted from a range of options to suit individual and small group requirements and budgets. We take great care with individual dietary requirements.

On site Chef Food Montage

Below: Base Camp in an extremely remote location in the UK in winter, under clear skies during the annual Leonid meteor shower event.

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